Six Handmade Jewelry Trends We Love

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Handmade jewelry is a great way to enhance your look with one-of-a-kind pieces and unique styles. At The Benton Boutique, we carry handmade jewelry by local artisans and love to support the creativity and passion of our vendors.

Six Handmade Jewelry Trends We Love

We’re always on the lookout for emerging trends in fashion and jewelry we can offer in our shop. Here are six handmade jewelry trends we love at the moment:

  1. Retro flares – Adding touches of retro styling – regardless of the time period – creates a beautiful combination of old and new. We’re constantly inspired by handmade jewelry that elegantly adds a modern twist to retro designs – or vice versa.
  2. Stackable styles – Add interest and variation with stackable bracelets, necklaces, and even rings. Layered jewelry allows for endless combinations, which is why we love this trend.
  3. Clay earrings – This trend is a handmade jewelry maker’s dream. Clay earrings can be as elegant or as fun as the imagination can inspire. Novelty designs and beautiful color combinations make this trend one of our favorites.
  4. Signet rings – These customizable rings are the perfect handmade jewelry trend. Whether you want to personalize your ring with your initials, a delicate design, or anything else you can think of, a jewelry artisan can bring your design to life with intricate detail.
  5. Choker necklaces – The return of the early aughts fashion trends has brought choker necklaces back into vogue. We love the embellishments local artisans add to their chokers, from subtle styles to statement pieces.
  6. Crawler earrings – These earrings look as though they ‘crawl’ up the ear, following the curve from the piercing up the earlobe. There are endless looks and styles for crawlers, and this trend invites handmade jewelry makers to showcase their creativity in playing with this previously unexplored earring design.