Our Formula for the Best Gift Ideas

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Let’s face it – gift-giving can be a challenge! From finding a gift for that one person who has everything to coming up with a great gift idea for someone who always has the perfect idea for you, it’s easy to feel stuck and overwhelmed.

Our Formula for the Best Gift Ideas

At The Benton Boutique, we love helping our customers find the perfect gift, whether they know exactly what they want or come to us seeking guidance. Here’s our formula to always come up with the best gift ideas:

  1. Check one box – If you’re at a loss for what will make a good gift for someone, try narrowing your search to check just one of these boxes: Something new, something upgraded, or something indulgent. Can you think of something they might like but haven’t tried? Is there something they have that could use an upgrade? Or is there something they would enjoy but would not buy for themselves? Focus on just one of these categories, and you’ll find a great gift.
  2. Meaning over money – We can get so caught up on coming up with valuable gift ideas that we forget value does not always equal a hefty price tag. Let meaningful ideas guide your search.
  3. Embrace the fun – Meaningful gifts are special, but sometimes, a fun gift can be the right way to go. If you’re struggling to come up with meaningful gift ideas, try the exact opposite – what could you give that would just be fun? Try to check one box from number one while letting fun be your guide.

Remember, gift-giving is a wonderful way to show someone you care, but it shouldn’t be a burden. By embracing simple gift ideas as just one facet of how you show your affection and appreciation, you’ll find a great gift and enjoy the process as well.