Is Artisanal Honey Worth It?

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Is Artisanal Honey Worth It?One of the many things we offer here at The Benton Boutique is a selection of artisanal honeys. Unlike the honey that you can find at your grocery store, which is usually a blend from many different hives, each of our honeys comes from a specific hive and retains unique flavor notes from the flowers the bees have fed on. Of course, many people are skeptical of anything labelled artisanal, so in this article, our team will go over a few reasons why we believe that artisanal honey is worth the extra cost.

  • Superior Flavor. As we mentioned above, artisanal honey tastes better than the cheap honey at the grocery store. The honeys we offer are sweeter and have a stronger honey flavor. In addition, each variety of honey we offer is distinct, carrying unique notes from the various plants the bees fed on to create the honey—for example, orange blossom honey has a nice light flavor, while manuka honey has a darker and richer taste.
  • Health Benefits. Another reason why artisanal honey is better than ordinary honey is that it retains more of honey’s natural health benefits. Regular honey is both homogenized—meaning that the honey from many different hives is blended together until all the various flavors and inclusions average out—and pasteurized—meaning that the honey is heated to make it last longer on the shelves. This process reduces the health benefits that honey has to offer, eliminating natural compounds that can help reduce allergy symptoms. Many artisanal honey producers leave their honey raw, which allows it to retain these beneficial qualities.