How to Store Cookies to Keep Them Fresh for Longer

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You’ve bought a few dozen delicious cookies and now you want to keep them fresh for as long as possible. Nobody wants to eat stale cookies, so properly storing them is essential.

How to Store Cookies to Keep Them Fresh for Longer

Here are some cookie storage tips, so your cookies stay fresh.

  • Store Them in an Airtight Container. Air is the enemy when it comes to keeping cookies fresh, as it can cause them to become stale and dry. Using an airtight container will keep the cookies fresh.
  • Avoid Storing Cookies with Other Food Items. While storing your cookies with other food items may save space, it is not a good idea. Cookies are porous, meaning they absorb flavors and odors from other foods. Instead, store them separately in a designated container.
  • Add a Slice of Bread. This tip may sound strange, but adding a slice of bread to your cookie container can help to keep them fresh. The bread absorbs moisture in the container, preventing it from getting into your cookies.
  • Freeze for Long-Term Storage. If you want to store your cookies for up to three months, you can put them in your freezer. When freezing cookies, ensure they are in an airtight container or wrapped tightly in plastic wrap. When ready to eat them, remove them from the freezer and let them come to room temperature.
  • Keep Your Crisp Cookies and Soft Ones Separate. If you have cookies with different textures, store them in separate containers, as they can affect each other’s freshness. For example, if you keep soft and chewy cookies with crispy ones, the soft ones will become crisp, and the crispy ones will become soft.

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