How to Come Up with Great Gift Ideas

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If you’re like most people, then you find shopping for gifts to be a challenge. It can be hard enough to think of gifts you want for yourself when asked, let alone think of gifts that other people would like. To help you come up with great gift ideas, our team at The Benton Boutique has put together this article to give you a few tips on the matter.

How to Come Up with Great Gift Ideas

•  Jot Ideas Down as They Occur. One way to come up with better gift ideas is to start keeping a list. Chances are that you’ve spotted something in a store that made you think of a loved one but have been unable to remember what that thing was when the next gift-giving occasion rolled around. To prevent this from happening again, start keeping a list of these items and the people they’d be great for—you can even jot them down in your phone to make it more convenient.

•  Make a List of Interests. In addition to keeping the kind of running list that we described above, it’s also a good idea to make a list of each person’s interests and hobbies to help you come up with gift ideas. You want to give your loved ones things that they will use and enjoy, and keeping a list of things you know they like will help make that process easier.

•  Ask Around. One of the best ways to come up with great gift ideas is to ask for suggestions. Even if you don’t want to ask the intended recipient directly, you can still reach out to other friends and loved ones to get more information about the kinds of things they need and want.