How to Choose Great Home Decor

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Here at The Benton Boutique, we know your home is important to you, and we want to help you make it look its best. To do this, we offer a variety of beautiful, handcrafted home décor items that you are sure to love. Of course, choosing home décor is not always easy, so our team has put together this article to provide a few tips on the topic.

How to Choose Great Home Decor

• Study Your Style. One thing you can do to help make it easier to choose home décor is collect photos of rooms and items that you like, either using clippings from print magazines and catalogues or using a virtual pinboard site like Pinterest. Once you have amassed enough clippings, go over the images to look for patterns and figure out what items you would need to imitate those styles.

• Choose a Color Palette. Another thing you can do to help you choose home décor is create a cohesive color palette that you want to use for your space. Then, when you are out shopping, look for items that fit within that palette and reject items that do not match. This will help you make your finished space look more harmonious.

• Don’t Be Afraid to Mix It Up. Our third tip for choosing home décor is to let yourself mix it up sometimes. Although it’s a good idea to stick to specific styles and colors for most of your items, adding one or two things that stand out and don’t match the theme will prevent everything from feeling boring.