How to Choose Great Gifts for a Teacher

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Your children’s teachers play an important role in their lives, giving them the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed as adults. Because of this, many parents choose to show their appreciation for teachers’ hard work by giving gifts. Of course, choosing gifts for teachers can be just as tricky as choosing presents for anyone else, so our team at The Benton Boutique is here to offer some advice on how to do so.

How to Choose Great Gifts for a Teacher

• Stick to Consumables. In our experience, many teachers prefer to receive gifts they can use up, rather than items that are intended for permanent use. For example, instead of giving a mug or a trinket that will take up space, consider giving a food item or donating some school supplies to the class. That way, you won’t create more clutter for the teacher and will spare them the guilt of having to donate your gift.

• Ask About Preferences. If you do decide to give food items as gifts for teachers, you should ask about their preferences first. Many people have food allergies, and everybody has certain foods that they don’t like, so it’s always a good idea to ask about these things first before you buy anything they can’t eat. In addition, we recommend that you make sure your child’s teacher is open to receiving sweet treats before you commit to candy as a gift—most teachers receive a lot of sugary items around the holidays and for teacher appreciation, and many would prefer other snacks.