How to Buy Coffee Gifts When You Don’t Drink It

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Buying coffee for an avid coffee drinker may be intimidating, especially if you don’t drink coffee yourself. However, with some knowledge and helpful tips, you can become an expert at buying a coffee gift for someone else.

How to Buy Coffee Gifts When You Don’t Drink It

Here are our top tips for purchasing coffee for the coffee lover in your life:

  • Find Out What They Like. The first step in buying coffee for someone else is to know their taste preferences. Do they prefer light or dark roasts? Do they like flavored or unflavored coffee? Knowing these details will help you make a more informed decision when selecting coffee for them. If you need clarification, take them to get a cup of coffee and pay attention to what they order.
  • The Roast Level is Key. The roast level of coffee refers to how long the beans have been roasted. Light roast has a mild flavor because it is roasted for a short time. Dark roast coffee has a robust flavor. Most coffee drinkers will tolerate a medium roast.
  • Look for Single-Origin Coffee. Here’s where you can look like a coffee expert. Single-origin coffee comes from one specific geographic location, such as a single farm or estate. This type of coffee has a distinct flavor profile that is unique to its origin. Coffee snobs love trying locales, so they will enjoy trying something new even if they don’t like the coffee.
  • Be Aware of the Brewing Method. Different brewing methods bring out different flavors in coffee. French press coffee is bolder than drip coffee. If the person you are buying coffee for brews coffee a certain way, consider choosing a coffee that is suited to that method.
  • Consider Buying a Gift Set. If you still need to decide what coffee to buy, consider buying a gift set. At The Benton Boutique, we carry many coffee gift sets that include a variety of coffees.

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